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About Us
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Supreme Pest Control Service is active from past 5 years in all districts of Jharkhand in order to add value to the environment. With its expert and professional staff, pest control has become a service provider in many provinces with the steps it has taken in the service sector and its investments in the sector. All the works done under the name of Supreme Pest Control are carried out by specialized personnel at the end of certain trainings. Standards, continuity and technical support are at the forefront in the services and products offered. Within this scope, free discovery services and free customer education services are offered within the body of Supreme Pest Control. We are proud to work for a happier and healthier world.

Our Mission
Improve the Quality of Community Health in order to increase the quality of public health, we provide an above-ground service to our customers by improving our health conscious conditions caused by pest and rodent pest problems and by constantly innovating to produce effective solutions. Providing competitive advantage by focusing on customer satisfaction, which can compete with international brands, without compromising on quality of products and services, its activities and financial performance of continuous and profitable growth, which talked about the institutional and professional identity called in the industry, society and the quality of the services it offers while contributing to the environment to be a high value company.
Our Vision
Provides long-term, low-cost pest control for all kinds of environments by providing highly trained technicians, low toxic long-acting products, biology-based procedures of pest, and integrated pest control programs, including the use of efficient equipment..

Our Team
Abhishek Kumar
Rajkishor Kumar
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